Everything Learned in College Simplified

College is typically completed in 4 years, and each of those four years is made up of 2 semesters, which are broken down into around 15 credits, which are composed of a few exams, made up of some chapters that include a handful of concepts. General education (gen-ed) These courses include English, Math, Science, SocialContinue reading “Everything Learned in College Simplified”

Your Customer Relationships may not be as Strong as you Think…

Operations may feel smooth and under control, and you may have long-lasting positive interactions with your top customers, but how can you be sure things will stay this way? Customer relationships go much deeper than the ability to provide a mutual benefit. Customers can provide insights that your internal team may not see, share experiencesContinue reading “Your Customer Relationships may not be as Strong as you Think…”

A Shortcut to Creativity in Business

In these times where the entrepreneurial spirit and desire for individual start-up success is an aspiration held by so many, it isn’t unusual for individuals to dream of having that next “big idea” or a longing to start their own Facebook, Twitter, Uber, or perhaps another multi-billion dollar corporation. Creating something that brings so much valueContinue reading “A Shortcut to Creativity in Business”