Everything Learned in College Simplified

College is typically completed in 4 years, and each of those four years is made up of 2 semesters, which are broken down into around 15 credits, which are composed of a few exams, made up of some chapters that include a handful of concepts.

General education (gen-ed)

These courses include English, Math, Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Diversity.


English Composition – Read Bird by Bird and write a story

Teachers: Anne Lamott


Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Quantitative Analysis


Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Ecology, Geology, Environmental Science, Astronomy, Physics, Oceanography

Social Science

Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Economics, Political Science, Government, Geography


Art, Music, Communication, Speech, Philosophy, Religion, Literature, Ethics, Languages, History

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