A Shortcut to Creativity in Business

In these times where the entrepreneurial spirit and desire for individual start-up success is an aspiration held by so many, it isn’t unusual for individuals to dream of having that next “big idea” or a longing to start their own Facebook, Twitter, Uber, or perhaps another multi-billion dollar corporation. Creating something that brings so much value to others while attaining complete financial freedom can be inspiring. The surprising yet simple tool to help one spark that creativity, as some of the the most successful entrepreneurs have done, lies in the generation of daily idea logs.

What is an idea log?

An idea log is a list of innovations, improvements, or opportunities one thinks of or observes. The ideas can be so long-term and abstract that they might require cultural shifts or be as simple as something that is able to be executed in the present moment. By starting with five ideas each day, one will begin to notice a shift in his or her usual way of thinking.

Could writing down five business ideas a day really change your life?

Yes. An idea log will not only encourage creativity but also make one become more observant. It is often a catalyst to improved problem-solving and critical thinking skills as well.

A global survey from the World Economic Forum found that creativity will be the third most important skill after complex problem solving and critical thinking by 2020.

Is it only for full-time entrepreneurs?

No. Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship should be treated with the exact same level of creativity. Whether one is looking for a way to change the world or to simply improve one’s workplace through innovation, creativity is the source.

The time is now.

“Cutting-edge ideas” are popping up everywhere. There is no certainty as to where the next one might come from, but it is certain that they require a specific creative vision. One may never strike gold with an extraordinary new idea, but motivated individuals can definitely advance their lives and improve the chances by actively taking the steps toward it.

Mitch Tomlin

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